Teamwork is everything in this seamless, fantastical metroidvania atop a planet-sized turtle.  Realize each character's true potential and take down an invading force of overwhelmingly powerful parasites.

Multiple Characters

Switch between several playable characters, each with distinct abilities.

Vessel Travel

Utilize a network of giant blood vessels to reach new areas and quickly revisit old ones.

Big Bad Bosses

It'll take more than brute strength to defeat these supernatural parasites.


Aorasque, a planet-sized turtle drifting through space, is also the home to many inhabitants living alongside it.  When Aorasque is invaded by a swarm of deadly alien parasites, it's the job of the Curative Agents to fight back and keep their home safe.

While premier curative Silex has dealt with his share of fearsome foes before, nothing could prepare him for the arrival of Efbee, a powerful parasite with a ability to control space itself.  It quickly becomes apparent that nothing less than a complete, synergized team will be enough to restore Aorasque's vitality and drive back the imposing parasite threat for good.