Hello!  I'm Mark Radocy, a programmer with a lifelong passion for game development.  Since 2016 I've worked in software and helped develop tools for the AAA game industry, while tinkering away on personal projects after the sun went down.  But I wanted to try something a little different, so in April 2022 I finally made the decision to step away from that and create Seafloor Games, an independent game studio through which our ideas are brought life.
The name "Seafloor" was chosen because it reminded us of the thrill that comes from exploring uncharted territory, interacting with systems and worlds that few have experienced before.  We work hard to develop games that invoke this kind of feeling, and we hope that players finish each one not only satisfied, but having felt that they've uncovered a hidden gem as well.
Seafloor Games would be nothing without its amazing collaborators.  Here's a list of everyone that has contributed to each game so far:

Vision Soft Reset

Arron Johnson – Sprite Art
Elias Frost – Sprite Art
Will Savino – Music
Molly Heady Caroll – Concept Art
Olivia Horacek – Concept Art
Joy Ling – Promo Art
Ryan Stunkel – Sound Effects

Moonlight Pulse

Hanna Habela – Art, Level Design
Arron Johnson – Sprite Art
Ray C. – Sprite Art
Alex "Bahamutgreen" Bud – Concept Art
Ian Travis – Concept Art
Johann "treehann" Theo – Music
Will Savino – Music, Sound Effects
Jingle Deleon – Character Voices
Artur Reterski - Sprite Art


Press / Business: hello@seafloorgames.com
Support: support@seafloorgames.com